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The only people I can imagine buying this are repugs. I would be the most famous woman in goddamn history! The Republicans tried everything to get him out, Whitewatergate, Travelgate, Whatevergate. Who even knew Bill had a salad. Is someone paying her to come forward - like a Republican? Which allowed prosecutors to subsequently question her under oath about some of her more explicit revelations during those sessions with federal investigators. He was under no obligation to look out for her in his will, but he was a very wealthy, very smart man.

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Central Scrutinizer on September 9, at 6:

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Why did they only focus on the BJ during the Lewinsky scandal?

What did those Secret Service guys have to say about Jeff Gannon's multiple visits to the White House at times when there were no press conferences? When will this opportunist, skank, chubby JAP just go away! Keep an open mind, people. The Secret Service bozo's opinion is nuts. R45 obviously doesn't have a penis and is behind in her swiffering down in the bonus room.

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