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I go back for a scan in July. I wear an AFO for foot drop which was a result of the surgery or I may have had a stroke — not sure. However, Della Puppa et al. Mimi, how are you feelling? It has continued to grow since they found it 8 years ago. He took one look at her eye and rushed her to the eye clinic for a CT scan, which showed a large tumor behind her left eye and, fortunately, the Dr. She was advised to get venous Doppler done for her leg.

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He says tumor is expending again and he did not suggest Gamma Knife on the same place this time.

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Parasagittal meningioma

I have been having these symptoms except seizures for Bover two years after having cervical steroid inject and a caudal lumbar steroid inject in She sent me to a neurologist who told me I needed to have tumors removed; otherwise I would become blind. I had surgery done on February 3, and still fill weak in my legs which I continue to work on improving everyday. I just had the same golf ball sized tumor removed on Feb 10 at Memorial Hospital in Bakersfield California…. I finally went to my internist who ordered an MRI. I was in complete shock I could not take it in at all. Secondary involvement of the underlying bone reactive sclerosis, invasion, erosion is uncommon with convexity meningiomas, but occurs in up to one-half of skull base tumors.

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meningioma near motor strip
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meningioma near motor strip
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