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Effective leadership of the family is a prerequisite to leadership in the church: While I agree that the introduction of sin into God's paradise has incalculably altered and degraded His creations over the intervening millennia, I disagree that we can only "imagine" God's ideal. He could easily have made the entire human race from the dirt, just as He had made Adam. Humanity doesn't need to procreate, because there will be billions, if not trillions of us by then. I agree that we are ALL sinners, Christians and non-Christians alike; that it is the Christian imperative to love everyone, including non-Christians and non-Christian homosexuals; that we should treat Christian homosexuals with empathy because theirs is a uniquely difficult struggle. And when you see Acts Trevor I'm not talking about same-sex behaviour or same-sex marriage; I'm talking about same-sex orientation.

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And while we should be watchful for and cautious about deeply involving ourselves with unrighteous individuals, we must not judge them, for that alone is God's domain.

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Adventist Governing Body Adopts Guidelines for Sexuality Issues

The Christian consensus about babies is that they are not to be killed, in the womb or out of it. The Biblical definition of marriage — that is, two fleshes becoming one — is defined by the sex act. But Paul, being Paul that is, with his single-minded pursuit of teaching others about Christ and his unfaltering commitment to Kingdom workadded this final tidbit: God has forgiven me and my husband has forgiven me, but I have not forgiven myself and divine guilt wherein the Spirit convicts an individual of his or her transgression against God. But as the old saying goes, "to thine own sel;f be true" had to finally win out or I was ready to die. Jesus answered that in the beginning it was never intended that a couple should dissolve their marriage covenant, but because man's heart has been "hardened" by sin, Moses allowed divorce when sexual unfaithfulness had occurred.

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sex position approved adventists
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sex position approved adventists

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