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Does she feel she missed out on childhood? She is very talented in global marketing, and the fact is I put more pressure on Nancy to perform at her job than others. But it's a good kind of competition, it's not a jealousy. Perhaps all our eardrums have simultaneously imploded. I've never felt that before. But Jackson's latest recording has done well. By continuing to use this site, you agree to our updated Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

It's not OK to do that.

'I've finished talking about Michael. I've done it all my career.'

Critics say she rose only through nepotism, and their anger about her rise has spilled into the mainstream media, with a recent Forbes article describing the year-old executive as a "former groupie" whose "relationships with many performers" are "well, let's just say they're unusually close. To be a singer, you're supposed to always constantly be singing, and I'm one that doesn't. Phil had some frustrations and we had a frank conversation about them. Sources say he is, in effect, the company's top music executive and will take over as chairman when James Fifield steps down sometime next year. There is absolutely no sign of her wanting her amplifier blown out. He loves me as I am, whether I'm this size or whether I'm 60lb heavier. At times, with her quiet, high-pitched speech, wide eyes and softly proportioned face, she resembles a Disney cartoon character - likable, sweet, but not entirely real.

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