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They may look alike or they may not, just like any brothers or sisters. Your hair - a hairy story Zits acne. This is a story about love and connection. Most important, throughout all discussions and all stages of the child's development, is the need for parents to recognize and accept their children's feelings. Each cell in a human body has 46 chromosomes.

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Doctors have different names for this developing baby.

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Talking to children about donor conception and surrogacy

The umbilical cord is a soft 'bendy' tube from the placenta to the navel or tummy button of the fetus. In South Australia it is against the law to have sexual intercourse when you are under 17 years old. You may look a bit like someone in your family, but there is only one of you! A female is able to get pregnant once she starts ovulating. During that time, the researchers exposed the mouse dads to be in one stressful thing each day. The female is now pregnant.

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my son has sperm
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my son has sperm
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