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There were one or two danger signs on Saturday: Harry Chapin, at 34 years old, is the least lettered, most successful of the bunch. It comes as a major surprise, to discover that Chapin, whose music is generally much slicker and showbizzy, holds Seeger in such reverence. As Cracked has previously explained, the song was a goof, and designed to be a Dylan parody. The critics left him for dead. Not who wrote hit songs or who covered someone else's song and made it a hit.

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Yeah, that's a pretty good description of Twisted Sister.

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If You Were Rich, You'd Be a Jerk Too

I'm going to have them as Och's band - the dialogue between those three would be fantastic. I would even argue that an enjoyment or love of the film a good ground for dumping… on both sides. If he doesn't take the money, maybe he's President now. I felt something akin to his mystification at Harry Chapin's performance. Recommended For Your Pleasure. Cory's Coming is about a guy who's always dreaming and everybody thinks he's a bull-shitter and then, one day, his dreams come true.

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