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It's possible a tampon could get stuck for other reasons, so if you try and cannot remove it yourself, see a doctor immediately. Toxic Shock Syndrome anyone? I laid down on the examination table and spread my legs as instructed. You might also want to clip your nails because you will need to insert your fingers into your vagina to get the tampon. We want to hear from you! If you prefer to lie down, lie flat on your bed with your knees bent. The princess of the pads with the tampon troubles.

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Although treatable, it can be fatal.

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So, no more excuses. Foreign objects also could scrape the vaginal walls. Prop your feet on a trashcan or bathtub, or squat over the toilet bowl for sanitary reasons. You might want to take a warm shower or warm bath to help you relax before you try to remove it. You should be able to dislodge the tampon pretty easily. You could also ask a second person to try to get it first like your partnerbut many women are too embarrassed to do that if you do, the person should wear gloves.

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