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There are two species: Mate-guarding is an important factor in male-male competition to ensure fertilization of an offspringand, when successful, helps to overlook and court the female. Transactions of the Royal Society of South Africa. In some species, females may choose to mate with more than one male to prevent infanticide or harassment. Sexual dimorphism is a result of male-male competition that is easily seen in species.

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Criteria for Establishing Female Sperm Choice".

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Molecular Reproduction and Development. In the case of intrasexual selectionadorned males may gain a reproductive advantage without the intervention of female preference. Anal extreme in group scenes with young Noriko Kago 12 min Ferame - 23k Views. As a result of sperm competition, some males in a given species can develop bigger testes and seminal vesicles. Candy and Sindy extreme anal sessions at the van.

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