Namio japanese fetish artist

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However, groping and fondling strangers on the train it's happened to me btw is not kosher, but is more of a crime of opportunity. Keep in your mind that we are talking about the artist originating in the pre-internet age. I did notice that the artist included a picture of a young woman being groped and harassed by group of men on the subway, and I thought that was a very startling and interesting juxtaposition, given the other images on the blog. Add Comment Cancel reply. They need physical contact, but friendly physical contact is forbidden in Western culture.

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One other thing, these drawings are also pretty fucking funny.

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Namio Harukawa

In middle school in Canada, boys often fight. Maybe that's the point, in some ways - the artist is trying to draw our attention to some fairly unsettling undercurrents in our culture. How many fantasies do we all have that we can't even talk about to a loving partner, because of embarrassment? Anyway, the fantasy here is not the desire to smother someone, it's the desire to be smothered, and in some ways dominated. The upper two floors had revolving exhibitions, mainly of contemporary artists.

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  1. this guy literally has a yt channel where he's cooking with his cats, he actually seems like a really genuine guy, but who knows he might have dozen of bodies burried somewhere in the backyard, we may never know...,