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I notice a group of girls crowded in the corner and they would sometimes glance over in my direction and turn back to the circle giggling. This teenage slut got huge boobs and likes to fuck random guys from college. So I quick grabbed a washcloth and just tried to clean my junk as best as I could before she got there. On the bus ride home, I felt like a fucking champion. Eventually when we started hooking up she was all ready to go down on me but I quick slipped it in before she could. Until a few weeks later.

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To add to the awkward aftermath—when I was walking back to my room, I noticed I lost one of my earrings in the…events…so I had to keep bothering him and texting him to return it.

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27 Girls (And Guys!) On The Sluttiest Thing They Ever Did

You know when you throw a kids birthday party and a day or two later the balloons have been in the sun for a while and most of the helium has escaped? Ok so this just happened last Friday. Once I got naked on stage at a strip club and had a stripper sit on my face. She was still yammering on about her ex when I stepped out of the hotel room without saying a word. Naked woman in inner city.

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