Study of literature of social penetration

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Compared to non-embedded coverage, embedded journalist articles about the military, units, and personnel are more episodic in nature. Although research projects on priming and framing have routinely been applied to the study of television news, the concepts can easily be looked at in the context of print news coverage as well. Framing is how a news organization decides to cover an issue, normally relying on subtle differences in wording and placement and choice of stories that will be covered Iyengar, Early studies focused on small groups and were qualitative in nature. The identity an embedded journalist develops is dependent on the choices he can or cannot make. To examine this hypothesis, we use priming and framing concept. This broad look at organizational culture presents a justification as to why embedded journalists will produce more positive news coverage than unilateral journalists.

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Touhey conceptually thought of homophily as the measurement of congruency between two persons in a dyad.

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The war has impacted most of the American public directly and extensive news coverage from embedded reporters allows for a thorough study of how the news was presented. This relates to embedded journalists, who must obey the commands of the military members around them because their life may depend on listening to the instructions. This is important when considering the embedded journalist as a member of a military unit. The identity an embedded journalist develops is dependent on the choices he can or cannot make. This is where our project looks at the context of social relationships that are forged between embedded media and military personal in the field. In order to get to know someone you must self-disclose on a variety of topics and at some depth in order for a relationship to grow. For example, a single murder or a car-accident story could be classified as episodic in framing.

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study of literature of social penetration
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study of literature of social penetration
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