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Do you actually believe that the Earth is young? People need religion because theyre scared to death of dying. How about you surprise me and stop the evasions? I would offer that evolution is certainly no more plausible than a creator. Thus why should you care what I believe? No, I don't have to agree with such faulty logic. That depends entirely on your definition of god.

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I have only run across one Urantian so far.

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Paleontologists brought to tears, laughter by Creation Museum

Lisa Park of the University of Akron cried at one point as she walked a hallway full of flashing images of war, famine and natural disasters which the museum blames on belief in evolution. It is pushing a religious agenda as opposed to dealing with how the Universe may actually work. Tell me genius, what's experience? Unlikewise, your Babilim-rippoff Buybull says the Earth came first, then the Sun, and thas there's a bowl in the sky which holds back the heavenly sea until it rains. If he wants facts, why doesn't he read talk. I expect him to disappear rather than stop evading but I would like to be surprised.

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