Do pistol rounds penetrate vehicles

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It has truly been a great time in the firearms world. My back yard Posts: Bullets can ricochet, send shrapnel flying and cause all sorts of unintentional damage. Had it stayed on me, it was drawing time. Some of the more powerful calibers will be effective at ranges beyond yards. November 11, Posts: For example, the Hornady Critical Duty rounds and similar.

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No conventional hollowpoint can expand after passing through the glass because the tip is far too damaged from the impact.

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How Well Can a Typical Vehicle Stop a Bullet?

A lot of people are saying 9mm should be fine If the roles are reversed and you find yourself shooting into a vehicle through the windshield, the same physics apply. It is important to remember that only a worst-case lethal-force issue should drive you to it. I normally carry a J[frame with gr XTP. Notify me of new comments via email. This should not be considered a diminishment of the 9mm round, nor an endorsement for the. Or if you hit a metal beam reinforcing the door.

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do pistol rounds penetrate vehicles
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do pistol rounds penetrate vehicles
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