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Yes - 1U Most of the people who reviewed the PreSonus Studio Channel were using it for music production in home studios, although a few were also using it live - particularly bass players. It has been positively mentioned when used with condenser, dynamic, and even ribbon mics - whether using phantom power or not. I do wish that Soundtoys had another compressor in their arsenal that was a bit more subtle, with more control. Here are my favorite channel strips I use for mixing vocals, with some tips on how I may use them. The API Vision does not sound like a plugin.

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5-Min UAD Tips: Bass & Electric Guitar with Century Tube Channel Strip

Although it costs more than others, It has the advantage that it provides more input and output options, including digital, and has more signal processing options than any other channel strip in this price range - something which attracted a great deal of positive comments in reviews. The first of the following videos is an overview of the ART Voice Channel's features, and the second one is a detailed review:. The compression with its fixed 5: The Best Studio Monitors. Most UAD plugins do this special thing that their hardware counterparts do — not only are they great for sculpting tone and dynamics, but they help your tracks sit right. If your source material is lacking in energy, and you need to add some intensity to a vocalist, this might be the best option on the list.

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