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Tails shook his head impatiently. As he became increasingly aware of his surroundings, he started to try and figure out where he was. Tails turned a bright cherry red. He picked it up and read it. Games Sonic the Hedgehog. He looked down and his face paled.

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There I was, with a somewhat renewed resolve to hurry home and leave a message for him so that we could meet up and let him in on the 'good news'.

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Sonic the Hedgehog: how fans have subverted a fallen mascot

Cream shook her head. All that was in its place now was a smug grin that the fox could barely disguise. She scooted closer to him, trying to cuddle up against him again. Sonic blinked as he watched the pair leave the room together. She, Aly and her mother greet Ice when he returned from his visit to Resonia.

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