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His findings about women's hair colors, for instance, comes from a sample size of 31, She is the average porn star. The heaviest female porn star is lbs. The researcher was initially wary about the accuracy of self-reported -- or fan-reported -- information. He says his aim is to "penetrate an idea and just investigate in a really deep way. Asian males are underrepresented in porn.

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The average porn star height is 5'5" for women, 5'10" for men.

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With all this talk about size, why is Millward's study suspiciously silent when it comes to the ol' baloney pony? Go to mobile site. The most common female porn star first name is Nikki. The '10, porn stars' quoted in the study's title is slightly misleading, Millward told HuffPost, because he drew from a larger sample size whenever the data was available. The heaviest female porn star is lbs. If porn actresses were going to lie about their breast size, he told HuffPost, he would have guessed they would skew larger. At least, according to "Deep Inside:

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