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Both pianos and player-pianos are superior in construction and tone. Refer also to the Sterling Company. The famous instrument is controlled by W. The Conover is a piano of solid construction. History of The Piano. It was a small grand piano 5 feet 4 inches in length, and the "Midgette Grand," of equal merit, was but 4 feet 9 inches in length.

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It was first designed by one of the recognized acousticians of the industry' and the musical scale has been developed and refined through the years until the manufacturers became satisfied that, construction and the tonal results of the musical scale, there were nothing lacking to entitle the Bennett to a place above the ordinary excellencies, and absolutely secure in the estimation of those competent to judge.

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Highest awards have been granted the well-known Behr Bros. Impelled by a restless ambition to seek a larger field, he went to Boston in his early twenties. Every one of the several thousand parts of the Conover piano action is made and adjusted with all the care which fulfills every requirement of merit of prompt response, agreeable "feeling" and elasticity. The reproducing piano added the ability to recreate the touch, the shadings, the nuances, of the original recording - all the expression characteristics, and making the difference between purely mechanical sounds and true artistry. In the field of player-pianos the name of Gulbransen is especially familiar because of the part Mr. Number of Keys see all. Manufactured by The Cable Company, of Chicago, a piano manufacturing enterprise unsurpassed in the amount of the product or in financial strength by any other institution of similar character in the world's musical industries.

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milton piano company midget pianos
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milton piano company midget pianos
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