Club strip tip

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If a stripper is a good salesperson, she may work on convincing you that you have a chance, so that you will give her lots of money. How would you feel if you just had an argument with your boss and some woman came up to you and said, why don't you smile? Also, if she's called up on stage or taken aside by manager for a private danceshe must go. While most strip clubs have ATM's, the fee is very high, so bring enough cash with you. The more you know about how to act and what to expect from the other customers, strippers, and bar employees, the better, safer, sexier and more fun your visit can be. Exotic Dancing Print Edit Send fan mail to authors. Well, yes, I suppose a lot of you probably do, but my point is…a stripper's job is to entertain you, draw you in and make you think that you have a chance with her.

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Always give at least two or three dollars.

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Four Great Tips for a Strip Club Experience of a Lifetime

View all coordinates using: No one has time for that. If she's not smiling and she is standing on the stage shuffling from heel to heel, be respectful. Be honest with the strippers. If you plan on buying a dance from a girl you like, make sure to wait until you're about to leave.

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club strip tip
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club strip tip
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