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And my readers had lots of suggestions for the man who wanted to find straight porn for his iPhone: I actually went out and got my own box of tampons — Tampax Pearl Plastic Regular are the best they're the easiest to insert — which I keep hidden. But not to worry: Then you don't have to worry about porn ever again! I think I was trying to prove something. Thanks for the tip, IHOP.

What sort of diseases could I contract?

Tampons As Sex Toys

Then you don't have to worry about porn ever again! But not to worry: An inexperienced straight bondage top can learn a lot from a gay bondage expert. You can scratch "drink a random bartender's piss" off your bucket list, WASP, but everyone else out there reading has to add it to theirs. Seeing as condom manufacturers still refuse to market their products for anal sex — or directly to gay men — the odds that Tampax will move aggressively into the straight-dudes-with-strings-hanging-out-of-their-butts market seems pretty slim. Yanking the tampon out when you're coming further stimulates your prostate at the exact moment it's being zapped by orgasmic contractions — contractions that involve your anal sphincter, which you're also stimulating as you yank. Showing 1- 1 of 1 Add a comment.

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  1. Real MAP.. been searching every corner for this and the gangbang scene... you got that one too ??