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Answering your questions Why do you have to wear a bra Well you don't. Other than that reason, don't ask! Budding — like a flower has buds. Ask New Question Sign In. She won't hesitate at first, but surely she isn't comfortable though. It creates a lot of confusion when we're designing breast enlargements. Do you know how to work out a bra size?

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Always try a bra on and make sure that it is comfortable before you buy it.

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Breasts and Bras

It may be that if you get an exposure to xenoestrogens at a young age there may be an even more profound effect. Some girls' breasts grow slowly and others grow quickly. If this is a girl you are dating you could also check the bra siZe on one of her bras when she's in the shower. How do I tell my mom I need a bra? Dr Fentiman concurs with Porter's theory. And that's the unavoidable bad news. This finding cannot be explained by weight change alone.

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