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Naruto catches her and give her a few spins. Just In All Stories: She was thinking when would Naruto come Home because it had been some time since they did it together and she was feeling pretty lonely. Bolt was running to his house and when he arrived there he went through the front door and started undoing his pants while running to the only bathroom they had in house. Both look at Naruto's dick thats being covered by his sperm so they go over to and start licking it clean, their keep licking Naruto's dick until there no sperm left, upon done licking Naruto's dick Mikoto said to Naruto "since you're a Virgin Naruto-kun, Hinata will be your first" as Hinata blush at that idea but however though Naruto had something else in mind as he gets up and makes a cross hand sign and creates a shadow clone next to him, then Naruto grabs Hinata and kisses her which surprises her as she kisses back with a blush on her while the clone goes over to Mikoto. This is her 17th Anniversary of her marriage with Naruto.

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She looked down and see the yellow hair, short yellow hair reflected by the moonlight.

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Glistening with wet juices from both of them. Deciding to take the things to another level she spins Bolt around now facing her mother and started licking his shaft from the bottom to the tip of his dick. Story Story Writer Forum Community. Wet, warm… and amazingly tight. But this is something else. As both with Hinata following behind, "Hey where we are? Her dark blue hair falls on her shoulders, her soft faired skins reflected the moonlight from the windows perfectly, makes her skins looks like they are glowing.

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naruto sex his naked mother and hinata
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naruto sex his naked mother and hinata
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