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About an hour later I get a text asking if I want to do it again. All I can think is "Fuck, he's offended because I didn't get hard. Quit judging me and realize what thread you're in. Above the hole is a phone number and the words "text The Gift" written. I managed to make out with a girl who I was on the verge of taking home, but due to the fact that her friends were gross and my buddies didn't want to hit on them, they left and would not leave her. Ive been there about 10 times now, don't know the dudes name, never really talked outside of texting. Don't get me wrong, I've no axe to grind with the snake in the trousers, the wife's best friend, the weapon, the python - I suppose what I mean is, ladies, dear ladies, the average penis - not pretty

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Now, I've never seen one of these things in the wild; it's always been either on tv or in some dumb joke.

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I think even 2 girls try to get licked through it. After about 20 minutes I poked my head around to make sure they were done interviewing, and made my way inside. I was disappointed, but happy to oblige her. I didn't want to leave and have to walk by these people again. I just couldn't hold in or lie to them and told them the entire thing. A few months later I started dating a new girl and had to get myself tested. Some dude posted on a hook-up site he had a gloryhole set up.

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gloryholes cleveland female
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