Oral facial soft tissue exam record

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A furcation is the space between two roots of the same tooth. The Soft Tissue Intraoral exam begins with an examination of the lips and the mucosa inside the lips called the labial mucosa. However, nutrition, general health, and antimicrobial therapy may affect enamel formation and, ultimately, tooth color. Blurring of the edge of the vermillion can be seen in actinic chelitis sun damage of the lip. Traumatic malocclusion is particularly common when there is a discrepancy in jaw length or a variation in tooth position.

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Oral cancers may have the appearance of ulcers, masses, red areas, or white areas.

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Soft-tissue examination in the dental office.

In adult dogs, the third, second, and first premolars are found in successive positions rostral to the fourth premolar, and the first and second molars are immediately caudal to the fourth premolar. Skull shape and size influence the incidence of certain dental conditions. Then ask the patient to slowly move the mandible from side to side in an open position. Gingival stages of 1, 2, and 3 indicate minimal, moderate, and significant inflammation. As animals age, the dentin walls develop or enlargeresulting in greater tooth density with a yellow, tan, or off-white appearance. Veterinarians should be prepared for anesthetic complications when working with brachycephalic patients. In adult dogs, the four lower premolars are rostral to the first molar, and the second and third lower molars are caudal to it.

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oral facial soft tissue exam record
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oral facial soft tissue exam record
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