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Apparently, for a humor comic that focuses on trends and hobbies and politics, and religion, and ideologies, and observations from almost all fields Who knew, they guy's not a complete dick, after all. Plus, I don't really see him doing anything like mocking them for their tastes, or their views. Gone Forever Cheesecake Abandoned Webcomics. Retrieved from " http:

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Well, there you have it, Fapo.

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Nude Hipster Girl

Who knew, they guy's not a complete dick, after all. People in the media still act like it's not true for the sake of headlines, but most people in the gaming community have come to realize this isn't true All these pinups are but a lame attempt to attract fans to his comic. I didn't bother to check for the date of this crap. Let's make a comic about them! Seriously, you can sit on top of their butts as if they were chairs.

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