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In the XIth degree, the mostly homosexual degree, one identifies oneself with an ejaculating penis. We resort to suppression, and the germs create an abscess. There are many people who have an exhibitionist streak in them and I would suggest there is nothing wrong with that if you are not breaking your local laws or offending anyone. I will be covered with jewels and rich garments. In other words with no other thoughts intruding. This article has multiple issues.

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Crowley also intended that when men do the ritual, any semen or "elixir" produced by orgasm must be consumed by the ritualist, possibly in a Crowley inspired " Cake of Light ".

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Eroto-comatose lucidity

Sex magic, particularly in its transgressive, non-reproductive forms, can thus unleash the supreme creative power: Instead, I would suggest that the key difference between traditional forms of Tantra and Crowley's system lies not in the details of sexual union, but rather in the emphasis that is placed on sex in the first place. Returned to ordinary life, no high caste Tantric would think of breaking social taboos. Among the most sinister perversions, in the eyes of many Victorian authors, were those that confused the religious and sensual spheres. I protested that I knew no such secret.

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aleister crowley sex magick
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aleister crowley sex magick
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