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See About our site for our moderation policy. So, without further ado: This page was very helpful whether it was the answer to my problem I'm not sure. After must patience I can be comfortable and enjoy fingering but it still is painful at times and considering that it just doesnt seem like there's anyway a penis is getting in there. Can he cause damage by going too far?

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You will be taught how to relax your vaginal muscles and eventually to insert a small tampon.

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An Anatomy Lesson A person with a vulva actually has three "holes" or what I prefer to call openings per their genitals: Thanks for the advice. How exactly do I do these exercises? Here are a few more resources to help you with these things and to help, I hope, you have more satisfying, comfortable partnered sexual experiences. Any feed back would be much appreciated. Im upset because im embarrassed and also because i want to make love to my man and its like my vagina cant take it. What can I do to stretch it out?

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