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Shame on you for sexualising a young girl and your Freudian slips speak of your sick thoughts. Julianna is a very wealthy young lady, good for her, and she could afford the finest lawyers to have you imprisoned away from any computers where you could do more harm. Do I Type with a Canadian accent? Some people will try to sexualize anything. I found this page after searching for the reason behind them changing actresses that play Stephanie. Hope her dad kicks your ass. Why would you trash this girl like this?

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And that video that was shown up above there was disgusting that's not the way the song went so if u have a heart I suggest u shouldn't post stuff that arn't even true she was only 12 years old then and now she is 22 and what she still has feeling she is a human being like the rest of us and no one should be made fun of for that so whoever made that video up there u should be ashamed of yourself how dare u take that disgusting video down if u have a heart. Stephanie from Lazy Town. As with Julianna Rose Mauriello, I think she needs counselling, she's not a bad person, just needs a bit of help to express whatever is causing her to act this way. Tizzie Stark When I produce a video, I usually watch it to see how it mashes up. Yeah that story is fake and gay, the mug shoot is some of the worst photoshopping since the Bangkok dangerous poster. God this is so stupidly sad!

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