Midget sub attack on pearl harbor

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In describing the craft, all measurements for the submarine are reported with metric measurement and in the English system as many of the American and Australian analyses utilized that system. Nimitz describes an unexploded pound torpedo recovered after the battle. On the other hand, why wouldn't the crew have come forward after the war, or who ever helped them confessed in the decades since? The two other mini submarines disappeared. They were not in the Midget Sub, and they all had a detailed escape and evasion plan. I think it was around ? Student Login Member Login.

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On the one hand, suicide attacks were not to become standard for Japanese for almost three years, and preparations for the overall attack were so meticulous that I find it hard to believe that some plans weren't made a safe house owned by sympathetic Nisei, fake papers, clothes, etc.

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Pearl Harbor and the Japanese Midget Submarines

It was raised by the Navy, and its bow, still armed with torpedoes, was taken off and dumped at sea. But if you see something that doesn't look right, contact us! The Type 98 was later supplanted by the Type 02 torpedo. Of interest, a quote from website NOAA website: Carrying two men and two torpedoes that had double the explosive charge of those borne by Japanese bombers, the battery-powered midget submarines could glide at 19 knots and operate in the waters of Pearl Harbor that were too shallow for conventional submarines. The Lost Submarines of Pearl Harbor:

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midget sub attack on pearl harbor
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midget sub attack on pearl harbor
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