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She is healthy but rather stupid. It is a full puddle on the floor, not like spraying against a wall. Recently, I lost my beloved dog of 14 years who was always close to my cat. Some emergency vets have trained nurses who can sometimes give you an idea of what may be going on or at least ask tell you how to check vitals to determine how critical things can be, but they will tell you to bring the cat in because they can't legally make a diagnosis over the phone. I have a cat that has blood in her urine, she is a very sensitive cat with allergies to foods - she gets ear infections, break outs under her chin. I worried now after seeing that this is life threatening. We took her back 2 months later and they said she had UTI.

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Then about an hour ago - he walked slowly to my bed - jumped up he always comes to bed with me - and kinda meowed weirdly as if he couldn't lick himself.

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He also just laid in the tub which was strange for him and then started peeing in the water. It has extremely tall walls and now he's acting weird. Should I just give it a few more days? I would expect the same to happen when treating a UTI, it may take time to see the cat back to percent, but your vet can truly let you know if the drug is helping as he has seen how severe the infection was. In male cats, we were mostly concerned about those who weren't urinating at all, and their bladder was enlarged. Contact your vet immediately if he is not urinating.

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