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Riding on a unicorn, the fish rapper helps his mother to heaven… who is also a fish. Retrieved February 18, In a teaser for the upcoming season premiere, Stan Marsh is asked to tell his parents about his day at school, and his mother Sharon wants him to talk about more than just his failed math quiz. Carlos Menciahost of the former Comedy Central show Mind of Menciais portrayed in "Fishsticks" as knowingly stealing credit for a joke he did not write; this is a reference to accusations other comedians have made that Mencia plagiarizes jokes from other people. People commented on the post that they had gone to check to see if the search actually worked and it does, in fact, take you to a page that shares clips from the episode as well as Kanye's actual music page. When Jimmy tells Cartman he feels he wrote most of the joke, Cartman fears Jimmy will try to take full credit and asks Kyle for advice on how to deal with Jimmy. This page was last edited on 13 Octoberat

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Searching Gay Fish on Youtube Takes You to Kanye West's Page Thanks to 'South Park'

After all, South Park frequently takes shots at current events and issues. What will we do next? Are we really going to do a whole episode about this? The concept for "Fishsticks" began when Parker, fellow co-creator Matt Stoneand actor Bill Hader attended a writers' retreat in SeattleWashington and they visited a body of water where they could watch salmon jump. Jimmy works on writing jokes for his comedy routine while Cartman sits on his couch, eating potato chips. The joke is played on rapper Kanye Westwho does not understand it.

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kanye west gay fish
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kanye west gay fish
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