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I was annoyed at my boss since he didn't ask me what we needed forged eye bolts worked better in this case. Figure 10 shows a bead on plate weld with deeper penetration and thus much more admixture between the weld metal and base plate. So in the liquid weld puddle, they tend to migrate to the center of the weld where they are the last elements to solidify. Learn proper electrode angles. I look for HAZ in the base material to try and help determine, but don't know what else can be done. North Florida - Section As long as you have achieved complete fusion between the filler metal and the base plates and when appropriate, the steel backing baryou have successfully joined the metal together into one homogenous piece.

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This pattern is most effective because it produces a flatter weld, spreading the molten weld puddle evenly across the joint.

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That's the best you can do shy of destructive testing. Make slight adjustments to the stick-out to fine-tune the amperage for the desired result. This one we're going to do at 14 volts. Crisi Date Excessive spatter creates a poor weld appearance, wastes electrodes, makes slag removal difficult, and can lead to incomplete fusion in multiple welds.

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