Facial nerve vii

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The nerve passes posterior to the cochleariform processtensor tympani and oval window. Chin Med Sci J. People may suffer from acute facial nerve paralysiswhich is usually manifested by facial paralysis. Supranuclear involvement produces contralateral paralysis of the lower facial muscles and sparing of the upper muscles due to the bilateral Supranuclear innervation of the latter. A review of olfactory dysfunctions in man.

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Nuclei septal nuclei Course no significant branches.

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Facial Nerve (CN VII)

Intermediate portion of facial nerve The intermediate portion of the facial nerve also called the intermediate nerve carrying parasympathetic and sensory fibers is a part of the facial nerve within the facial canal. The axons of type SVA, special visceral afferentprovide taste to the anterior two-thirds of tongue via chorda tympani. Preganglionic fibres originate in the superior salivary nucleus and join the facial nerve at the geniculate ganglion having travelled with the nervus intermedius. After leaving the parotid plexus, the marginal mandibular branch runs by the base of the mandible, and innervates muscles of facial expression around the chin - depressor labii inferioris, depressor anguli oris, and mentalis. The geniculate ganglion of the intermediate nerve is in this canal.

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facial nerve vii
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facial nerve vii
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