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If you take someone else's birth control pills just before having sex you won't get pregnant. If it takes some time, don't think all hope is lost. But that doesn't stop people from repeating them or from trying to make other people believe they are true. All of the "myths" below are not true. So, it's not like I can magically come each time. I was raped by a group of boys about two weeks ago.

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It didn't happen overnight more like 4 years after getting togetherbut one night I came in her mouth during a blowjob.

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Doctor's ADVICE:Why can't I orgasm inside her?

It would be best if your girlfriend could go along with you. I was never able to come from a blowjob or penetrative sex. What is wrong with me? You shouldn't be taking chances like this. It's also not a good idea to have sex in a bathtub or pool because intercourse will force bath water into your vagina and may cause an infection. I do urge you to seek that sort of help from a professional. This is a psychological condition.

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