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After stepping off the opponent's raised knee with one foot, the wrestler swings the other leg and strikes the opponent's head with either the side of the knee or shin. In the same sense of an elbow or a kneethe attacking wrestler strikes the opponent using one or both forearms. Typically, a lariat is used as a finishing move while the clothesline is simply a basic strike attack. Kenta Kobashi uses this variation as one of his many finishing moves called Burning lariat. Having a fallen opponent lying next to the apron, the attacking wrestler grabs either the opponent's head, torso or leg and places it on the bottom rope. The attacker then hits the opponent in the head with one or both legs, with the wrestler usually landing on hands and feet facing downward. A common variation sees the wrestler perform a catapult to the opponent while the opponent is lying down in between the bottom and second ropes.

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Popularized by Diamond Dallas Page and Batista.

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Used by Katsuyori Shibata as the P. Despite of the name, it refers to a slap properly and not a chop. Also known as foot stomp, this attack sees a wrestler stamping a foot on any part of a fallen opponent. A high impact version is used by Wade Barrett as his finishing move, The Bull hammer. It can also be employed to set up an attack. This is usually struck from a running wrestler.

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vagina kick in women wrestling
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vagina kick in women wrestling
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