Robin kiss starfire with his shirt off

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By the time they finished setting everything up, it was Robin quickly lifted his head to see the couple standing there smirking. You're also smart, funny, sweet and caring. Why did it have to be such a rush? Raven wore a halter top as well, but this one was dark blue and a bit more traditional looking than Starfire's.

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They kissed for the longest time, pouring all their love into it.

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As soon as they got waist deep, Raven let out a very relaxed sigh. The other teenagers were sitting in the back of the other cars. She placed a hand on his chest and the other on his nape. Cliffhanger where Starfire and Robin were about to kiss while the other Titans were amazed by Robin and Starfire's first real kiss. All had intoxicated faces. Robin jumped on the man and placed handcuffs on his wrists.

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robin kiss starfire with his shirt off
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robin kiss starfire with his shirt off
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