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Cartoons — You're On! Episode 1—2, Mystery Girl. Spinal Tap meets The Little Rascals was my concept They actually write great pop melodies, like a young Beatles kind of thing. The second season aired 15 episodes, ending on June 6, with a three-part episode, TV movie special.

There's nothing even remotely good about this show.

The Naked Brothers Band

In the past, Nickelodeon properties had done OK, but they have not really had huge successes like Disney's Hannah Montana or High School Musicalbut the viewership numbers for the Naked Brothers are promising and they could be the ones to break through. Nonetheless, all of their concerns work themselves out: Cartoons — You're On! The camera work is absolutely retarded, the "band" are both terrible and obnoxious, and their constant fart jokes are beyond even the most awful of children's shows. The new season depicts the band shooting their initial theatrical film called the Magical Mystery Girl Movie.

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