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It was when I was about leaving the hotel that I discovered I was not feeling well; I could barely walk and my limbs were shaking. Like some days ago when while watching television together, an advert on the new Information ministers effort at Image laundering was aired and I had made a derogatory remark about it, describing it as another ill fated effort at deodorizing dog poop, Stacy had taken it personal saying every thing good, or she thought was good about it. Pulse NG is Nigeria's new media network. Ada why are you doing me like this? Learn how your comment data is processed. Like We Want An Explanation!

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So I took what any man would give his right arm for.

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He spent of his Days in abroad so he don't do African Time. All he had on was his shirt. I am alive today to tell the story and I have mended my ways. The outcome of all this was that after about 10 minutes of talking by our cars, we walked behind the rest area building and I gave him a dogg position So far it is the only totally anonymous sexual encounter of my life, since we never asked each other even our first names. I ran out and thanked my stars.

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